ST FRANCIS HERB FARM Crampbark (250 ml)

ST FRANCIS HERB FARM Crampbark (250 ml)

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St Francis Herb Farm - Crampbark - 250  Millilitre(s) - NPN : 80046928

Our Crampbark Tincture helps ease muscle spasms and menstrual cramps.
  • An antispasmodic herb with a richly deserved reputation for relaxing muscular tension and spasm
  • Targets cramps of voluntary muscles and uterine muscle problems
Use our Crampbark Tincture if you’re suffering from muscle spasms. Great for women experiencing menstrual cramps.

NPN Use Claim:
Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as an antispasmodic for muscle spasms and also for menstrual cramps.

Adults: Take 4 mL (120 drops) 3 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach.

Alternatively, 0.5 mL (15 drops) can be taken every 15 minutes, for up to 16 hours daily.

Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms worsen or persist.

Certified Organic Crampbark (Viburnum opulus, dried root bark)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Distilled water, certified organic alcohol