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SeaNtree Mask - Green Tea Mask (3-Pack)

SeaNtree Mask - Green Tea Mask (3-Pack)

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Green tea extract keeps skin in moist condition by filling moisture from inside and smoothes skin irritated by environmental stimuli. Provides soothing effect and moisturizing effect to your sensitive skin. Mask sheet with green tea extracts that delivers abundance of moisture and calms skin thats become sensitive due to external enviornment. Instantly revitalizes the skin, soothes and moisturizes the skin. Green tea is a plant containing catechin, catechin has more excellent antioxidant effect that vitamin E and vitamin C. EGCG in catechin is 20 times more effective that vitamin Cin antioxidant properties, it helps to soothe skin inflammation, prevent aging and whitening. Skin Soothing and improving sebum balance Soothe your irritated skin with this green tea mask sheet to relieve your complexion from environmental factors. The soft mask sheet works to deliver constant hydration, leaving you with a moisturised and healthy face. Replenish moisture and restore your skins pH to a healthy Fresh moisture from delicately fragrant green tea, keeps dry skin moisturized. Soothes sensitive skin and protects skin from oil imbalance. Pure cotton mask sheet that adheres on skin smoothly, has good air permeability that delivers essence component intactly. Mild enriched essence gives nutrition on skin and grants vitality. It adheres smoothly on skin and absorbs naturally and quickly. Gives refreshing and light feeling on skin.


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